ReBoot Camp: A Midyear Workshop for New Teachers

Step-by-step instructions for getting your classroom back on track.

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Does this sound familiar?

I started my first year teaching nervous, but so excited at what the year would bring.

Fast forward a couple could peel me off the ground.

It felt like someone had taken a firehose of responsibilities and sprayed it full-force into my face.

It never let up, and by November, I was shot. Grumpy. Snappy with my students.

My anxiety was incessant.

I knew there had to be ways to improve what I was doing. I had a list of questions for advice about a mile long.

And any time I'd ask someone something and tell them it was my first year, they would look at me sympathetically and usually just tell me details how horrific their first year was.

Then they'd conclude very unhelpfully,

"Don't worry, it gets better."

Sound familiar?

Thought so.

It doesn't have to be this way the rest of the year.

Most teachers mean well, but are so swamped themselves, they don't have time to sit down and listen to you.

They don't have time to ask you questions that will show you what's working and what needs to change.

To give you feedback.

To give you their logs, policies, strategies, and perspectives that are the keys to their success.


That's where this course comes in.

The ReBoot Workshop is a step-by-step course on how to look at what's working in your classroom and what's not, and systematically, one thing at a time, doing things in ways that

✓ Save time

✓ Improve your teaching

✓ Make your life easier.

No unnecessary frills. No time-wasting. And no crummy lesson plans, either.

It's how you can skip hundreds of hours searching for help, reinventing the wheel, and draining yourself by panicking to figure out how to do this thing.

Together, we'll focus on the essentials. The stuff that's going to make sleep better at night and the stuff that's going to help you make a difference in your students' lives.

You'll receive a concrete break-down on how to improve your: curriculum planning, documentation, behavior management, parent contact, time management--and an exclusive group of fellow new teachers to encourage you along the way.

After completing this course, you’ll feel more confident, calm and prepared for the rest of the year--all in 4 weeks.

And that's good news for you.

Because it means there's a fix for all the problems swirling in your head right now,

AND with the right tools, you may not just survive the rest of this year...but rock it.

Hey there!

Wondering if the ReBoot Camp is for you?

Let's talk about it:

This Course is for YOU if...

  • You're in the middle of your first year teaching, or in the middle of a year that's just not working the way you envisioned.

  • Despite your hopes and dreams, this school year was a rude awakening--like for real. Crying on your way home from work has become a pretty horrible new ritual for you.
  • You're at your wits end with one or all of your classes and don't know what else to do
  • You're going to bed every night exhausted from the day before and anxious for the next day

  • You feel unsupported by your school or underprepared by your teacher prep program

  • You want guidance on designing high quality, standards-aligned curriculum and putting together lesson plans that are effective and engaging--without spending every waking hour making them

  • You are looking for some tips on how to manage your time this year so you don't burn out.

  • You want a network of other new teachers to connect with and find support from.

This course is not for you if...

  • You are cool with spending hundreds hours in scanning thousands of pins, articles, and advice from people with varying expertise to find how best to solve problems in your classroom, or just want to wing it this year
  • You are bent on having that classic horrific first year teaching. Nope. That’s not what we’re about here.
  • You've completed the Ultimate New Teacher Summer Workshop, as this course includes that curriculum.

Your Instructor

Jeanne Wolz, M. Ed.
Jeanne Wolz, M. Ed.

Hi! I’m Jeanne. I’m a former middle school ELA teacher, college instructor, and the founder of Teacher Off Duty--a blog dedicated to helping teachers save time, teach better, and live happier. I have 9 years of teaching and instructional coaching, including mentoring as a cooperating teacher, serving as Department Chair, and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Since founding Teacher Off Duty, I've helped thousands of new teachers along their journey to a smooth and fulfilling first few years teaching.

In my 2nd year teaching, I won an Outstanding Beginning Teaching Award and I didn't feel special enough for it at all. In fact, I knew then what I know now: I owed the early success largely to the strategic preparation I did before them. And now, I want to help you do the same.

Course Curriculum

  Module i: Welcome!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Quickly Create Standards-Based Curriculum from Scratch (and Faster)
Available in days
days after you enroll

Enroll Now and Receive:

-8 bundles of clear, step-by-step guides with examples to get you planned and ready for the year, sent twice a week for 4 weeks

-Dozens of pages of guided planning sheets

-Access to the New Teacher Workshop Facebook group to connect with other all-star new teachers to ask questions and get feedback now and throughout the year

-Discounts on future New Teacher Courses released this year from Teacher Off Duty

-Lifetime access to all course content

-The knowledge that you can start this year (and every year after) prepared and confident and ready with a support group rallying behind you

"After accepting my teaching position, my first question to myself was WHERE DO I START?! I started researching and reading blogs geared towards first-year teachers lost like I was! I’m so thankful I stumbled upon Teacher Off Duty's AMAZING blog! She gives some tremendously helpful advice on how to PRIORITIZE and PLAN to help eliminate as much chaos as possible your first year!"

- Feedback from a Teacher Off Duty blog reader

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The materials are completely self-paced, and it's up to you when you complete them. They are available to you forever!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I want you to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
I'm on a tight budget. Is this course worth it?
Real talk: that first year teacher budget is REAL. But, as you're prioritizing things on your budget, have you ever stopped to think about what your time and sanity is worth? Let me give you a hint: a lot. For you, for your family, AND for your quality of teaching. In this year, you need more time and sanity than you ever have before. This course was made to save you loads of both. That's worth something. That being said, I know that money can be tight before teaching already. That’s why I have a 5-month payment plan to help alleviate the upfront cost for you so you can invest in yourself without breaking the bank.
What makes this different than other resources available online?
There is a TON of free resources online for teachers. The problem? That there is a ton of free resources online for teachers. And not all of it is good. Some of it is conflicting. And most times it takes hours and hours just to find the thing you were looking for in the first place, if you can find it at all. You don't have that kind of time this summer. This summer and this year, you’re going to need gallons of a few things: time, organization, calm, and courage. This course is here for you for all of that. That jungle of online resources? Not so much.
Will I have time to complete this course?
This course is designed as a workshop. It’s supposed to operate like a coach guiding you through every step of preparation that you’ll have to do anyway--but helping you whip it out like a veteran teacher--which means faster and higher quality than if you did it on your own. Though content is chunked and released twice a week (to combat that #overwhelm), it’s completely self-paced, so no worries if you’ve got a vacation planned and are worried you’ll miss something.
Is this course applicable to my classroom outside the US?
The course is designed to help new teachers set up a classroom that runs smoothly, rather than about following national or state requirements. So most, if not all of it, would be just as applicable for you as a US teacher. Even the Documentation section isn't tied to US requirements--it's just a guide to setting up good documentation practices for your own purposes. The only portion of the course that references US requirements is Module 1.1 - Step-by-Step Year Overview. In the beginning of the process, the module will ask you to search for your content standards, but there are instructions on what to do if you do not have state or national standards for your content. This is actually the case for many US teachers, too, if they do not teach a core subject. Finally, keep in mind that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you start the course and have any concerns at all, you can contact me and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.
What if I enrolled in the Ultimate New Teacher (Summer) Workshop, too?
You actually don't need to enroll in this one! All the course materials in the ReBoot Camp are shared with students in the Ultimate New Teacher Summer Workshop--and vice versa. They're both truly comprehensive!

I taught for a few years abroad but just joined Teach for America in Cincinnati. Your program has been INCREDIBLY helpful just in providing structured templates to brainstorm all the things I had floating around in my head and needed to get on paper. Huge help and totally worth the $$! This stuff has been more helpful than a month of theoretical training. THANKS!

-New Teacher Workshopper

Winter enrollment has CLOSED for 2018-2019.

So sorry you missed it!

Sign up here to find out when it opens again in the spring!

This course is closed for enrollment.